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We translate together with the support of SIL Linguists so that the Wanca people can read in their own language, believe and achieve salvation, practice their beautiful teachings and have lives changed according to biblical principles.

Thus they will know and understand that the word of God is a lamp that gives light, it is a life-giving light and a source of life; and by it they instantly pass from death to life.


The Wanca people need to read the Bible in their own language. For which AMWAN cooperates with the Wanca people to read the Bible in their language.

Having the great need for literacy in the Wanca area in AMWAN we support the villagers with the books "COMELE" "LEELA", to improve their reading and writing of the Wanca language.



The New Testament translation we have, as well as the Bible stories (Tyndale) have to be read in their own wanca language and practiced for the expected change.

For this we train pastors and leaders of different denominations to be used with children, women, and brothers in general.

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