Mision Wanca

 "AMWAN, We are a non-profit organization, whose purpose is to make known the work that is for the expansion of the word of God in the Wanca language of our people, in our three provinces Huancayo, Chupaca and Concepción.

Donde se recoge flores/ Huaytapallana

Aprendiendo a leer/Lïgiyta yaćhapäcun


Urucuna/Acapacuna/Niños y niñas

Audio y vídeo/Uyalinapä licanapäpis

Mujeres wancas/Wanca walmicuna

Niños de Antarpa/Antarpa acapacuna


Listen Out

You can listen to different songs, poetry, Andean stories, traditional music in the Wanca language.



You can see different events of our organization, you can also watch videos to learn the Wanca language.


You can read our different publications; like Andean stories, riddles, poetry and other books in the Wanca language. You can also read the Bible in the Wanca language.


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